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jackielo 8 months ago updated 8 months ago 0

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UV Motion node request

Mark Gemmell 2 months ago updated by jackielo 2 months ago 1

I have created a shader effect in ShaderWeaver to move parts an image, making it sway back and forth.

Its quite fiddly to setup in ShaderWeaver, and I wonder if you could add a new bespoke node in a future ShaderWeaver release that creates this effect. (without the fiddly setup)

Its similar the animated UV effects seen in this video between 3:00 - 4:00 mins

The setup I use in ShaderWeaver to have a similar effect produces this (gif)

Although there aren't many nodes, I think a bespoke 'motion' or 'uv sway' node could make this easier:

  • Remove the the need for the red/black textures, and allow number input / sin or cos waves to be used.
  • Each of the uv1 and iv1copy nodes need a delicate setup, with
    • Basic -> position,
    • Basic -> scale,
    • Move -> x/y,
    • UV R: X/Y
    • all in use, which makes is fiddly to setup and to see what each changes does.
  • A new node is needed for each wave of motion to be layered in.

There are doubtless more similar effects that could be easily made if there were custom nodes for this functionality (like the UV zoom shown in the Shadero video (linked above))

My shader file is here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1iLDWdjpUtYo2q6e2winWE2Y_MOghNcIa/view?usp=sharing


Options for Mixer is not functioning plz help.

雷霆 2 years ago updated 1 year ago 3

I just started to learn unity,so I have to stick to the tutorials as I'm not familiar with basics of shaderweaver. I followed the tutorial step by step ,and I got stuck  on the tutorial 16.I couldn't find option on mixer node,not sure it's a glitch or what.plz let me know if u figure out what's happening.

jackielo 2 years ago

The interface of mix node is now different from tutorial video. Check 'ShaderWeaver/Tutorials' in your project. They are all latest. You should link an alpha node to the left of mixer node.


Mask Texture Size

MikeT 3 years ago updated by jackielo 2 years ago 2

I noticed that Shader Weaver's mask texture size is 512x512. Will there be more options?

jackielo 2 years ago

Resolution setting for mask/remap nodes is added in the upcoming Shader Weaver 1.30 

Under review

Shader doesn't work on some android devices.

q-sun 3 months ago updated by jackielo 3 months ago 1

Hey, I found out that this shader doesn't work properly on some android devices. 

It seems just black.

I reduced shader's images to one texture, then it works.

But as you know, if I can use just a texture, this shader is not useful.

Let me know how to solve it. please.



Dmytro Vasyliev 3 months ago 0

New update - for free or for money?


How to make emission shader?

KDJ 3 months ago updated by jackielo 2 months ago 4


I want to make like emission of Unity standard shader.

Emission of Standard shader is able to bright even no lights.

Can I make such a 2D sprite shader?

I tried color node(Op addInner) with enable sprite lighting.

But It couldn't bright in dark.

I would appreciate it if you could tell me about that.


jackielo 3 months ago

Emission under SpriteLighting has been added in up-coming ShaderWeaver 1.7.0

Hope you like it.


How to use effects outside unity?

Khela Kore 4 months ago updated 3 months ago 2


I was wondering if we could use the added effects and export those to use in other game engines like Godot and such? A feature like that would be really amazing. Thanks!

jackielo 4 months ago

Shader Weaver is designed for working in Unity.

Any usage beyond that is not officially support.

However, if you can find a way to do it for a common Unity shader.

You might find a way for SW effect, since SW shaders all follow Unity shader syntax.

Good Luck!


Are shaders coded in Unity's ShaderLab Syntax?

linkerlinkeador 4 months ago updated by jackielo 4 months ago 1

I want to buy this asset, but I would like to know if the shaders created by ShaderWeaver are written in Unity's ShaderLab Syntax. If not, can they be exported to that syntax?

I made a search here about ShaderLab, but I didn't find anything, sorry ^^U

Thanks in advance! :)

jackielo 4 months ago

Yes, most of the cases, SW shaders are standard vertex&fragment shader in ShaderLab Syntax.

But if the lighting is on,then the shader is a Surface shader.


Changing position and scalse dynamicaly

jsaracev 6 months ago updated by Mark Gemmell 2 months ago 4

How would you change image  position dynamicaly in  ping pong loop, or zooming in or out by scaling image.

jackielo 4 months ago

Use some simple math functions in the Custom Field.

Ping pong can be done as below