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jackielo 4 months ago updated 4 months ago 0

Please fill out this simple form.

Tell me what do you want Shader Weaver to be.

Shader Weaver Survey


Options for Mixer is not functioning plz help.

雷霆 1 year ago updated 1 year ago 3

I just started to learn unity,so I have to stick to the tutorials as I'm not familiar with basics of shaderweaver. I followed the tutorial step by step ,and I got stuck  on the tutorial 16.I couldn't find option on mixer node,not sure it's a glitch or what.plz let me know if u figure out what's happening.

jackielo 1 year ago

The interface of mix node is now different from tutorial video. Check 'ShaderWeaver/Tutorials' in your project. They are all latest. You should link an alpha node to the left of mixer node.


Mask Texture Size

MikeT 3 years ago updated by jackielo 2 years ago 2

I noticed that Shader Weaver's mask texture size is 512x512. Will there be more options?

jackielo 2 years ago

Resolution setting for mask/remap nodes is added in the upcoming Shader Weaver 1.30 


Changing position and scalse dynamicaly

jsaracev 1 month ago 0

How would you change image  position dynamicaly in  ping pong loop, or zooming in or out by scaling image.


Does it does support LWRP?

Luiz Ventura 2 months ago updated by jackielo 2 months ago 1


I'm using the new Unity 2D lights (it uses LWRP), can I use it together without any problem?

Thank you.

jackielo 2 months ago

I am sorry, Shader Weaver does not sopport LWRP officially. 

However, I think if you just use SW without Lighting or Reflect/Refract nodes. It might work.


What does "radial" actually do?

Mark Gemmell 2 months ago updated by jackielo 2 months ago 1

When adding an image node, and clicking Edit, then Radial, there are settings to change.

The resulting 'radial' image always seems very complicated with lots of tiny details.  I am curious - what does "Radial" actually do?  It doesn't seem intuitive and I can't visualize it my head.  

What are the practical uses for it?

jackielo 2 months ago

Please check 'Tutorial2 - Color Node' inside the package and try the '_p' param starting from 1.

Set the min/max and drag the bar,  it might provide some visual idea.

Inflating at a low value.

Streching radially at a high value.

Under review

Remap line mode seems skewed

Mark Gemmell 3 months ago updated by jackielo 2 months ago 1

When I use the remap node, on "Line" mode, the result seems to stretch the remapped image more on the left and less on the right.  The horizontal co-ordinates to not seem evenly distributed.

My Setup

The result I'd expect to see is more like this (not exactly like this, but even stretching along the imposed image):

Is this a bug?


black edges showing up after lighting standard shader. any ideas why? :/

Fab 3 months ago updated by jackielo 3 months ago 5

i only changed shader type to sprite and sprite light to diffuse than those edges showed up. im pretty sure this is not a shaderweave problem though ^^ must have something to do with anything on my side. but when i choose different sprites or start a new program they appear too. thankful for any help ! :)

jackielo 3 months ago

SW contains 4 blend mode

Off: Blend Off

Blend : Blend SrcAlpha OneMinusSrcAlpha

Add:Blend SrcAlpha One

Mul:Blend zero SrcColor

For the rest you need to do them in shader code.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


problem whit code node and mixer node.

Steven Lee 3 months ago updated by jackielo 2 months ago 4

Not a bug

unity 2018.3 未更新EventType

Steven Lee 3 months ago updated by jackielo 2 months ago 3

如"Use MouseUp instead (UnityUpgradable) -> MouseUp"

jackielo 2 months ago

When importing or updating Shader Weaver, if 'API update Required' window show up, 

please hit 'I Made a Backup,Go Ahead', otherwise those errors will appear. 

If there isn't any window popup, you can manually update API by right-clicking on Sw folder and 'Run API Updater'.

Sorry for the inconvenience.