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Disappear on second load. It load first time well but second time UI Prefab reload it makes invisible or black.

Mayur 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 6


I am using for back ground cloud motion , button ramp and smoke effect in different screens which are UI prefabs actually.

in first time load they appear nice as it should.

From second time it makes screen black in which effect is used.

Testing in android.

it worked well for me in past but facing issue now.

Under review

Is this issue only appear on Android devices or also happen in Unity Editor?

Second time means close and open UI again in the same play?

Would you please provide some screenshots?

Please provide more info of running environtment. Unity version,  did you using SRP, LWRP or HDRP?


I am using it for Android device.
Unity version 2019.3.10f1
Second time means All UI elements are prefab and worked well in past for me.
It is used in my game for main menu and loading battle( ladder like Mk). Working fine when I used shader weaver first time with Unity 5.5.5f1

Now it is working fine first time and from second load it is making screen black or gray.
Does not happen in Unity Editor and only happening in Android.

Forgot to mention that I am using built in render pipe line no URP or LWRP.

Even after such long period no comments /update from support ?

No choice rather than awarding one star to asset if no one has interest in replying after 2 week.
Regret my purchase !

Why you do not reply ?