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I just add support of it in SW 1.7.1

Please check example Code_Pingpong_Breath

You are welcome. It will be appreciated if you can give a review on the assetstore.

Emission under SpriteLighting has been added in up-coming ShaderWeaver 1.7.0

Hope you like it.


1. Reduce one node and build to Android to see if is OK.Do this one by one until the node which caused the issue is found.

2. Send the shader file with relevant resources to

I will check it ASAP


Shader Weaver is designed for working in Unity.

Any usage beyond that is not officially support.

However, if you can find a way to do it for a common Unity shader.

You might find a way for SW effect, since SW shaders all follow Unity shader syntax.

Good Luck!

Yes, most of the cases, SW shaders are standard vertex&fragment shader in ShaderLab Syntax.

But if the lighting is on,then the shader is a Surface shader.

Use some simple math functions in the Custom Field.

Ping pong can be done as below

I am sorry, Shader Weaver does not sopport LWRP officially. 

However, I think if you just use SW without Lighting or Reflect/Refract nodes. It might work.