How to create a "Ripple" effect?

chyen 1 year ago updated 8 months ago 10

I would like to create a "Ripple" effect with Shader Weaver.

Its like a water drop hits the water bed and create a circular wave from the hit point.

But somehow i have no idea how can it be done with Shader Weaver. Because the ripple is moved from the center and slowly spread out ward. I can imagine with a UV node with "Scale" button but seems like it is not there?

Any help will be appreciated. Thanks!

I think i have some idea. But anyone knows what is the equation for:

If UV Blend Factor >0, UV Blend Factor = ((-3/10)*Time)+0.3 

Basically i want the UV Blend Factor start from 1 at time 0s, and ends at 0 at 0.7s.

Thanks if anyone can help!

Under review

Would you please offer a reference video/image?

Then we can discuss how to make it with Shader Weaver.

Apology for late reply.

I am still unable to produce the effect i want due to lack of technical background.

Basically I need a ripple effect when my object spawns on the screen, all in 2D top view. 

The picture shows 3D but what I need is only the 2D fx. I tried googling around and learn from the guide and still unable to produce those effect with Shaderweaver. 

Is your 2D project pixel-art ?

I am trying to make a ripple effect with SW. If it is done, it will also be included in next SW update.

If you wanna post some of your game screenshots hear or email to JackieLo@aliyun.com, that is even better, I will try create one might fits your game.

I just sent an email to the given address. Appreciate your help!


A ripple effect is included in the up-coming Shader Weaver 1.6.0

Thank you for you quick action!