Working with ui text

Daniel 11 months ago • updated 11 months ago 5

hi, i’m trying to get an underwater effect over ui text. On sprite works well, but with text objects as source it works but mixes all the letters. Do we have to do something special? It is jus a distortion going down over the text...

Thanks a lot

Here is a screen capture: 

In the preview window it looks ok, but if you look at the background text the characters are swapped... Any idea?



2 special things for font/text.

1. UV coordinate is not continuous

It is a limit under font mode. Usually, texture's uv is continuous, so it is fine for sprite.

Your letters are picked on the font atlas, uv 'jump' from one letter to other letter.

2. Text mode is in screen uv space

Text mode is in screen uv space rather than texture uv space. Letters usually only take a little bit space on the screen.

It is recommended to set a small distortion value. At this situation, check the screen if it works and ignore the preview in sw window.

thanks a lot for the help. I find that with horizontal distortion it is less noticiable. And since it is screen size dependant i need to rework a couple of things. But in the end it works , so thank you. :)

It is a very fun plugin, good job. 


Thank you! I am glad to hear that. Please give Shader Weaver a review on the asset store.