Export shaders

Kridy 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 2


Is there a way to export assets & shaders from Shader Weaver visual script?

I'm using Godot but your tool is amazing. So if there is any way to create shaders in Unity and then export it as hlsl & assets, I would buy it !

You are more than welcome if you want to port this to Godot haha :D


Wow, first time heard of Godot, looks cool. Shaders created in Shader Weaver use same syntax as common unity shaders. So if you can find a way to export unity shader/material to Godot, Shader Weaver can also be used for Godot. Otherwise you might need a tool to do that, which I guess will take work. 


Thanks, Godot use an hlsl variant too, so I guess it will work

Godot community is growing a lot since 3.0 version, and start to be know by the video game industry, you should try it if you like open source :)