Not a bug

Rendering issue over UI elements

Mark Tangelo 2 years ago updated by jackielo 2 years ago 2

The big red button had a ShaderWeaver effect on it. As you can see, unfortunately the button's UI object is rendered above EVERYTHING, even 3D objects that are rendered in a different camera.

How can I fix this?

It looks like a bug in the shader. Is there a possible patch for that?

Thank you very much.

Not a bug

Many things could affect 'display order', please check

(1) Canvas' Render mode, 'Screen Space - Overlay' will always above any 3d objects. 

(2) Set Render Type and Render order. Try 'Geometry' for Render order, 'Opaque' for Render type.

Alright didn't notice it was possible!

Thank you!