UI Version of example shaders

Havoc 2 years ago updated 2 years ago 5

Hello Jackie, 

I am trying to make a UI version of one the example shader (the Dissolve one). I saw in one of the previous posts in this forum that the only thing that we had to do was switch Shader Type to UI, however that has not worked for me.

How can I achieve this?

Thank you

To clarify, the issue is that the UI image does not fade out to transparency. Tthe red effects do show.

Under review

Please post a screenshot.

Ok so I made some more research about this. It turns out that it only really "dissappears" when there is some other UI behind it. If there is no other UI, it still gets rendered! Any way I can make it so I do not need any UI behind?



It is correct result. 'Dissolve' in tutorial 16 has a Refract Node in it. 

Refract/Reflect node draw background again with effects.

The trick is, for Camera's clear flags, only 'Skybox' has default background, the rest of three flags grab nothing from  default background.

Back to 'Dissolve', it use Refract node to show 'transparent', that is the reason.

In the up-coming Shader Weaver 1.3.0,I will add a 'dissolve2 example, which will be a pure dissolve without Refract node and should look correct for any camera clear flags.

Ok! Looking forward to the pure dissolve example =) Thank you very much!