Android 5.1 device - performance?

o.greil 3 years ago updated by jackielo 2 years ago 9

Hey there - I just created a energy glow effect shader and when testing it on an older Android 5.1 mobile phone - the effect - which is put on several cards with the same material - first seems to work fine, but after a every minute the effect gets more and more choppy - till I have a total slide show and also more and more less detailed? I am using a normal lightning effect - as in your example. Any ideas what can cause this behavior?



Under review

Hi greil,

I am looking at this issue. I will fixed it as soon as possible.

Thank you for submitting it.

Please tell me more info:Your device model,Unity version and Graphics API in player settings. 

And send me relative assets or at least the shader itself to JackieLo@aliyun.com

I have send you all the info per email,  hope you can reproduce it.

I just checked my email, did not receive it. Would you please send it again to jackielo@aliyun.com (lowercase)?

Oh my fault, used the wrong email, send now to this :)

Did you have a chance to test this?

I have tested the effect you provided on many low-end phones, even on Xiao Mi 1 which is a 2011 model .

All of them perform very well. The problem is , I don't have a way to test it on J3.

I think you can close this - I get this issue also with other Shaders :) So it seems to be a bug in the Samsung J3 handy :)


Thank you for the feedback. Got it.