How to enhance effect quality?

o.greil 3 years ago updated by jackielo 2 years ago 2

Hey there...

is there a possiblity to make the effect with higher quality? e.g. if I look at the sword electric effect. When using it on a card e.g. 600x900 pixels - I can see that the effect has "stairs" or it looks a bit blocky (not sure how to explain - but I think you know what I mean). How could I make it of higher resplution so that the effect looks more smooth? Would I need a more detailed Flame texture or what are my options?

Under review

I think the reason is that other textures used in your effect has lower resolution than main texture. 

I am considering add size setting for mask/remap nodes.


Resolution setting for mask/remap nodes is added in the upcoming Shader Weaver 1.30 

Please check it in following weeks.