Trouble on some mobile devices

Havoc 3 years ago updated by jackielo 3 years ago 11

Hello Jackie!

First off, thank you for your excellent work. I am delighted with this tool, it is one of the best tools I have seen, it is just top notch! However I understand it is still in dev because there is a (minor, I hope) issue.

On some mobiles it looks fine (Xiaomi Redmi Note 4 Snapdragon 625) but on others it bugs out, like on the screenshot (Acer e700 http://www.gsmarena.com/acer_liquid_e700-6420.php ). This is the demo scene Cards, straight from the package (no changes done).

The Xiaomi has a Qualcomm and the Acer a Mediatek, I'm not sure if it helps.

Thank you very much

Under review

Thank you for submitting this bug. I will check it this week.

If you need anything else, please let me know!

Hi, I need more information.Please tell me your OS,Unity version, and show player settings.

Hello Jackie,

OS: Android 7.0, also on Android 4.4.2

Unity version: 5.6.2f1 (64bits)

Player settings:


Hi Havoc,

I have tested it on many Android devices. Most of them run SW fine.

Finally this issue reappear on Huawei honor 3. It's chipset is also Mediatek MT6582 as Acer e700.

This is a big progress for the issue. Hope to fix it asap. Just share the latest progress with you.

Excellent news Jackie! Thanks for your effort.


Thank you for your patience. Issue fixed! 

(1)Replace some lines of code in UV_RotateAround

(2)On E700/Honor 3, it can only hold 8 sampler2D at most, which means we can use textures no more then 8 in a single shader.


After (1), most of the effects in examples and tutorials works fine, except Card_man/Card_ninja since them use 10 textures. (2) is not restricted by Shader Model, so it can not be detected until running on device. I think it is restricted by chipset MT6582 /GPU Maili400mp2.For (2), it is best to do a fallback.

The fix and fallback feature will be in the next Shader Weaver version. 

Great news!! Can't wait to try it out

Hi Havoc,

Does it display right on your device now?

When you are happy with Shader Weaver, please give Shader Weaver a review on Asset Store.

Thank you!

It does work indeed! In the following days I will be testing it in more devices. If I don't come back at this thread, everything is fine!

Well deserved review Jackie! Cheers

Thank you for supporting Shader Weaver! I will keep improving Shader Weaver.