Move & spin a mask?

JMClaw 3 years ago updated by jackielo 3 years ago 1

Hello, I am trying out Shader Weaver, and like the results so far, but I am wondering if there is a way I can move & spin a mask?

As you can see in this effect I have everything moving / spinning by a custom parameter, except the mask appears always in the same position (not moving with the coin)

My setup looks like this:

I would like to either:

Use move & spin on the mask (link to the same parameter)


Group the nodes circled in red, to move & spin them from a single parent node


Mask was designed with static use purpose.

You can use mixer node. There is a tutorial about mixer on Youtube. 

For this case, 

(1)replace this mask node with a mixer node,

(2)use same texture, assign proper rgba channel.

(3)And right click on left port of mask node, add two points pos:0 value:0     pos:1 value:1.

(4)move it 

You should get effect as you want.