Using your own Mask Texture

pthongsari 3 years ago updated 3 years ago 10

Hello I would like to know if I can use my own mask texture for current version of the Shaderweaver (1.1.0)? And if it is possible how should I prepare that mask? (As texture with alpha or put it in any of RGB channel?)

Under review

Currently it is not support.But it is possible to set to your own rgba mask in the material's inspector window before . I would like to hear your reason not to use Shader Weaver's masking editing,maybe I can make some improvement on it. Or add custom gray texture for masking if it is needed.

Let's discuss about it~

Thank you for your fast response. Currently, I have follow along your suggestion with the material inspector and it work great, thank you :)

The Shader Weaver already has good masking editor tools such as wand and dropper tools that let me mask the shape of sprite easily. However, my artist want to use a "Textured" masking that require unique brush in order to apply a certain effect. Also, he can easily create background mask from Photoshop layer transparency but the task is more difficult with 1 layer PNG image.

Here is the example of the mask my Artist want to use to apply effect. http://imgur.com/a/ilkVU

I hope that having an option to use your own mask in addition of Shader Weaver masking tools would open a lot of potential on applying more wonderful effect. :)


Custom grayscale texture for masking is now Support! Check the latest Shader Weaver v1.1.2

It has been submitted and usually it will appear on Asset Store in the following days.

Thank you for your fast update, I'm looking forward to it. :)

I have tied custom masking on Shader Weaver v1.1.2 and I love this feature!

I also like how you bake those grayscale texture into the existing mask.
Thank you for the new feature! :)

You are welcome~

Here are new features in the next 1.2.0beta version 

*Support Sprite Animation

*Texture Animation Sheet
*New Blur Node
*New Retro Node
*New Refraction Node

I hope it can be release within weeks.

So if there is any other idea you have on Shader Weaver.Let's talk about it. And it will be cool if you would like to show what you made with Shader Weaver. 


Nice! I'm looking forward to those new features :)

I will show you the things we made with Shader Weaver once there is promotional video came out. It might be a while though...

And about any other idea might be... making Remapping node independent from parent texture or make Shader Weaver be able to share same texture between Root node and others.

After working with your remapping node, we came up with the way to using photoshop to shift or Distort UV map. 

For example, I can shift/distort the center of the effect using photoshop transform wrap. Then I can use same effect texture on multiple object and distort them using remap texture. (Adding option to use your own remap texture like the custom mask texture in v1.1.2 will be nice.)

The little issue with that is we have to connect a parent node to the remap node. We can use the texture that is used at root node to be parent but that duplicate the texture input in Material setting even though it's the same texture. (We use the material on non transparent card model so we don't need transparent card shape texture on the root but the artwork of the card directly.) There might be a way to work around...

it's quite hard to phrase this properly without image. if you need more explanation I might try send screenshot as it might help explaining...

Those are my opinions. I am already satisfied with what we can do with remap node currently.


I get your problems as below.

(1)Same texture share by root node and other node appear multiple times in material

(2)You want custom remap texture.

I will add them.

If there is anyother thing I didn't get.Please tell me :)

It doesn't need to be a fine video,some early screenshots will be nice and help improve Shader Weaver a lot! My email address is JackieLo@aliyun.com

And I will keep them private of course.


Yup, you got it all. Thank you.
I am looking forward for the update.:)

*Edit: I will ask my boss if it's okay. If things went good, I should be able to send you something within next two weeks. (My Artist is on Vacation) :)